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Hey Peeps!

Recently, I’ve been receiving more and more messages from people asking me for advice on certain topics. Things like business ideas, writing, personal & corporate blogging, etc. I love that this is happening because that’s kinda why Heart Meets Hustle exists. I wanted to create a community to share ideas and empower young professionals to live a better life and do more awesome stuff! So here we are.

FREE Resources

Today, i want to fill you guys in on some of the resources i use regularly. These guys cover a variety of topics, but they are the people that i turn to to find answers to my questions, figure out how to do something, or learn best practices for a new project, etc.

I broke them down into categories for you. But they are all great, and they are all FREE (except the books). Enjoy!


ProBlogger  (Darren Rowse) – Darren has been in the game a long time, and is kinda the father of modern blogging. Super humble and helpful.  I am currently using his program called 31 days to build a better blog.

Copyblogger – Maybe the best resource available for company bloggers and content managers. Also features content on internet marketing and copywriting. A go-to if you are blogging for “conversion” (Trying traffic and sales for your company or you are selling a product on your website).

Smart Passive Income (Pat Flynn) – A freaking genius. Built a money machine from the ground up, and is now teaching others how to do the same. A quiet family man in the suburbs of San Diego, but just knows how to get it done!


The Economist – Great for world news, business & economics, and politics. Subscription is rather cheap (especially if you are a student of any kind). Best of all, it’s written outside of the U.S., so it’s free of political bias and general propaganda.

The Art of Non-Conformity (Chris Guillebeau) – Chris is one of the original bloggers who piqued my interest in writing. His journey is inspiring and his content provide a great perspective on travel, entrepreneurship, and gratitude. He is also one of the better Travel Hacking minds out there. He is an all-around must-follow.

Storyline Blog – A blog by Donald Miller. He is the best-selling author of “Blue Like Jazz” and other very successful books. I enjoy his perspective on life, writing, and loving others.

SeedTime – A very successful personal finance blog that is helpful. The creator, Bob, focuses on “living more and giving more.”

Leadership, business, entrepreneurship

Michael Hyatt – The former CFO of ThomasNelson publishing turned entrepreneur. I love his content, and I am even a member of his community called Platform University.

Ramit Sethi – I posted about Ramit lhere. If you want to handle your finances better, cut the crap and get real, get helpful advice for all the financial stuff most people don’t understand, and figure out how to live the life that you dream about…this guy has the goods! He could also fit under the “Life/Personal” category, but he also has a wealth of FREE business content.

Andy Stanley – One of my favorites. A pastor and organizational leadership coach. One of the most gifted communicators i’ve ever heard. I regularly listen to his “Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast” and the “Your Move” podcast.

Recent Books

Scary Close (Donald Miller) — A more personal selection. Check it out if you are interested in deeper relationships, more beneficial friendships, and stepping out from behind the curtain in your life.

$100 Startup (Chris Gillebeau) – As before mentioned, one of my favorite bloggers. This book outlines bootstrapping and starting up cheap from the foundation of an idea.

4-Hour Workweek (Tim Ferris) – Just the best. Ask anyone who’s read it. This book has revolutionized the way our generation is thinking about business, entrepreneurship, and life. A MUST read.


I love when you guys ask for resources. So don’t be shy. Comment or Contact me here if you have any questions.

 Let me know what you think of these resources below!

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