I’ve Been Sucking Lately [And What I’m Doing To Fix It]

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Guys, I’m just going to be honest. I’ve struggled this summer with a big time lack of motivation. I just haven’t been seeing things clearly.

Is it the summer fun or the distractions of the big city? I will – with(out) merit – blame my lapse in productivity on the fact that my favorite coffee shop has been closed for “holidays” the entire month of August. Spain at it’s finest.  No matter the reason, i haven’t been abe to pull myself to get focused and get the work done that i want to get done.

I've Been Sucking Lately
As you can imagine, it’s been unnerving for me actually. Here i am, the “hustler guy”, who struggles to make himself sit down and write a few blog posts. There’s something quite frustrating about knowing what you have to do – even knowing the consequences of getting/not getting it done – and still not being able to make yourself DO IT. If I’m the only one who feels that way right now i’ll just pack my bags and go home (not actually mom, sorry).

Here’s the shocking reality (and i’m really feeling it right now): Life is not slowing down to wait. The hours in the day aren’t getting longer. Money is not multiplying in my account. If i want to chase an opportunity, i gotta get after it…now.

So since i’m most likely not the only one who has been a bit sluggish and lackadaisical the past few weeks, i figured i would share with you my personal process over the last few days. Here are a few things that i’ve worked through that hopefully help you break out of mid-year slump and start seeing things clearly again.

1. Let myself off the hook

I realize everyone struggles with productivity sometimes. Even the greatest leaders and innovators in our world have likely struggled with “off days”. Don’t beat yourself up. I realize i may have missed out on a few opportunities during the off time, but i choose to chalk it up as a mistake. One hopefully to not be made again.

2. Snap back to reality…(oop there goes gravity!)

Take sometime to be thankful for the fun that i’ve had over the last few weeks. I’m blessed to have flexibility and freedom. With that being said, now it’s time to refocus. I want to put my attention back on the things i am doing in this season of my life, and continue investing in my future by writing, creating, and learning.

3. Get back in the saddle

Now that i’m back in the right frame of mind, i will come up with a plan. I will set a loose schedule of work hours and allocate specific time to what i think is most important during the week. I will create some healthy goals for myself with reasonable deadlines, and setup a quick win to help me regain momentum and encourage myself.

4. GO for it!

Now get off to the races, dummy! Work hard. Stay disciplined. If i get off track, i will try to quickly correct my course with some built-in personal focus mechanisms. These mechanisms work for me and are mostly centered around coffee, a Friends episode, or making a phone call to encourage someone else (somehow reverse encouragement for myself). While this may seem silly, everyone has their way to take a quick break and refocus their mind.

So with the idea of “reverse encouragment” fresh off the keyboard,  i write this to encourage you…and encourage myself at the same time.

Let’s try together to get back on track this week. Take initiative. Setup your own plan to get things going in the right direction. As i realized, you will be the only one responsible 4 weeks from now for the things you did/did not accomplish. Seize the day.

Start the conversation below. What have you been putting off to get done? What plan are you making to get back in the swing of productivity? Any tips to share with friends?

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