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5 Secrets of a Sticky Marketing Strategy

Building a strong brand is hard. But no matter how big your organization, if you want to strengthen your brand, you have to return to the basics. Here are 5 simple secrets to building a sticky brand you've likely been overlooking. 

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5 Secrets of a Sticky Website

Simple tweaks to grab people's attention within the first 5 seconds on your site, what words to say to position yourself as the solution to a big problem, and how and when to use call-to-actions to turn website browsers into buyers.

One-Liner Worksheet Adam Highfill

The Perfect One-liner CheatSheet

Many organizations don't know how to talk about what they do and the value they offer. This worksheet will help you clarify your message to a level where people understand and engage, tighten conversion on your website, get your team members on the same page, and turn your customers into "ambassadors" for your brand. 

How To Get 1000+ New Church Visitors For Free

This guide gives you inside scoop on one strategy I used to get 1000+ church visitors during a 12 month period without spending a penny. It's simple and you can implement it within just a few days, even if you aren't very tech savvy.


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