What I’m Realizing About Myself

By September 30, 2014 No Comments

IMG_4798Hi, I’m Adam. Friends call me Adam. My family calls me Bubba. Some people probably think I’m boring, some that I’m crazy, fewer that I’m funny. Regardless, I try to be me.

I’ve always been a pretty calculated person by nature – at least on the inside. I keep things somewhat close to the vest. But I’m also quite opinionated – sometimes to a fault. And only at specific times will you have to wonder what I’m thinking. I sometimes shy away from conversations when the topic is uncomfortable for me. For whatever reason, the nature of what is typical dialogue for many folk is difficult – even scary – for me. The truth is it is easier to converse about news headlines, sports highlights, or even religious theology than to talk about the things I feel. It could be that I’m nervous about being completely open. It could be I’m embarrassed about some of the things i think about but don’t speak about. Whatever the case, I’m working on it.

In this thread you will mostly hear about travel & life abroad, and entrepreneurship.

But you’ll also read about the things I’m realizing about myself, because I want to get some things on the table.  All the things that people my age think and feel, but don’t talk about.

The goal is to explore who I am by putting words on a page, and potentially provoking thought in whoever reads them. I will attempt to be unbiased and rant-free. But I can’t promise to be uncontroversial.

Thanks for stopping by. And buckle up.